Standard American Accent Fluency Track

For actors moving to Hollywood from other countries and regional areas of America, it is vital to perfect a flawless standard American accent. The Standard American Accent Fluency Track is designed to do just that.


With 2 hours of Accent Reduction, 4 days a week, the track focuses on pronunciation, vowel placement, intonation, rhythm, and fluidity of speech in the Standard American Accent and pushes the actor to take the skills learned in the classroom into their daily activities and scene work.


Perfecting a neutral American accent requires commitment, but if you are serious about working as an actor in the American industry, it is a critical skill to master.


You can begin the Standard American Accent Fluency Track the first Monday of any month. Enroll here.


Classes will meet Monday-Thursday 9:30AM-11:30AM


Tuition Information

3 Months – $2400
1 Month – $900
Paying 3 months in advance results in a $300 savings. 
Fluency track will begin July 5, 2016.


The Standard American Accent Fluency Track is open to all students. Acceptance into the Institute or enrollment in an Acting program is not required. This track may be taken independently or in addition to another Strasberg program.